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Helping people live healthier and happier

lives by sharing the healing power of pets.


In Memory In Memory "Kasey" Kasey 1998-2010 Pet Partner Kasey delighted over 2,000 people in 8 years of visiting nursing homes, hospice facilities, schools and hospitals. She shyly greeted people and then moved in for a hug or pet. 104286553 "Lola" Lola 2003-2011 Pet Partner Ch Al-Mar's Ruby Slippers AKC Therapy Dog Sitting quietly on a bed or lap, Lola visited over 1,250 patients in Palliative Care and Oncology units at Wesley Long Community Hospital 134690197 "Charlie" Charlie 2010-2012 Pet Partner Full of life, Charlie visited to share love and gently accepted all the love given freely to him. Moving proudly on just three legs, Charlie was an inspiration to many facing their own challenges. Charlie is remembered with smiles from those privileged to meet him. 168409718 "Bella" Bella 2011-2014 Pet Partner Bella loved to share her sweet and gentle presence with residents at Spring Arbor of Greensboro. Bella shared love and friendship through her many visits. 191891602 "Raj" Raj 2014 Pet Partner Raj (handler Pat Lunday) provided weekly visits with residents at Spring Arbor. Raj also enjoyed visiting children when participating in the Guilford County Pet Responsibility Program. Raj was a gentle soul and loved by all, both young and old. 196708857 "Wrigley" Wrigley 2009-2015 Pet Partner Wrigley was gifted to visit kids and seniors. Wrigley is remembered as the gentlest dog his handler Beth Kuoni has known. Wrigley was intuitive and empathetic, always knowing the best approach to a visit. Loy and devoted, Wrigley is missed. 201039714 "Olive" Olive 2009-2016 Pet Partner Ch Martini's Slightly Dirty ROM AKC Therapy Dog Olive's gentle temperament and expressive eyes will long be remembered. She impacted the lives of thousands of patients and staff at Wesley Long Hospital. Olive's love for children was exhibited in the programs she participated in to educate children about responsible pet care. She and the memories she created will be remembered with grateful appreciation. 201922969 "Sunny" Sunny Pet Partner Therapy and Service dog Passed June 21, 2016 Sunny loved the children at Special Children's School of Winston Salem, serving as therapist and mentor. She also shared her gentle nature in libraries and assisted living facilities. At home, she was loved by her partner, Wayne Linville, family and her housemates Beacon, Bree and Riley-Jack. Sunny, you are missed and loved forever! 203208271 "Prairie" Prairie Pet Partner Prairie was a smart, sweet and funny Partner. Prairie's greatest gift, however, was loving people. When she loved you, it was truly, completely, without reservation and she never forgot you. She brought this gift to her therapy animal work, which she did for seven years. She loved "her kids" at General Greene Elementary and, as goofy as she could be, when she was with them she was totally focused on them and it was magic. Partner, Beth Kuoni, is so proud when she thinks of all the lives Prairie touched. 203208200 "Taffy" Taffy was a wonderful therapy dog and Pet Partner with Robin Williams. She worked for several years at Cone, High Point Regional and as a Reading Education Assistance Dog at Randolph County libraries. She was a hoot and so much fun! She had juvenile cataracts but never let that slow her down! She was loved by everyone who met her. We miss her everyday. We love you sweet girl. 204031082